Create Your Own Digital Billboard with

Here’s an interesting concept that lets you create a virtual billboard so you can promote your favorite things.  It’s called  People will see it once they click your link.

Create Your Virtual Billboard

1. Upload a photo.

2. Then write a text message that will overlap the photo.

3. Create a link you can attach by sampling typing  “” in front of any link you want to share.

4. Share you links on Facebook and Twitter

5. When followers click on your “” links they’ll see your billboard and then it will send them to the link you eventually want to see.

This is interesting way to promote something you want your followers or fans to see right away.

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Facebook: Create and Replace Cover Photo

You’ve probably seen some very cool looking cover photos on Facebook. Ever since Facebook changed the design, Facebook users have gotten very creative.  The photo that looks more like a banner at the top of your Facebook page can be more than just a simple photo.

If you know how to use Photoshop or some kind of photo editor on the web; you can create a banner photo that represents you. It’s a way to promote your work, awards, accomplishments, inspirations and anything else you think the world should see.

Create Your Own

The Facebook Cover photo should be 851 x 315px.

Start with a clean canvas on Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop, check out Pixlr. That’s a free photo editor online.

Here are a few samples to get your creative juices flowing. No more boring Facebook cover photos.

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